The next youth weekend is from June 7th to June 9th in Akersloot.

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The weekends

Are you looking for something fun to do within Mensa? And are you between 18 and 30 years old? Then the Youth Weekends might be something for you! The youth weekends have a very laid back and accessible atmosphere and during these weekends you get in touch with other HIQs between 18 and 30+. The weekends run from Friday evening to Sunday late afternoon and all the food and drinks are included. What you do on these weekends is completely up to you! There are always a lot of (board)games and other activities going on for you to join, though some prefer to just relax with a book, others bring their (music) instruments and make music or sing. Pretty much anything goes! We have approximately 7-8 weekends per year with around 40 people each and regularly have guests from other international Mensas such as Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, etc. Please check the calendar for dates.


The Youth Weekends originated from weekends for people of 14 years and over which were being organized from the parent-organization Pharos. As the first group got older there seemed to be a desire for weekends for people of their own age-group. Under the Mensans of the same age a similar desire was present and from this the current Youth Weekends originated.


You do not have to be a member of Mensa to join a YW. The only requirement to join us is to have completed a recognized IQ test and scored in the 98th percentile. If you do not meet these requirements but still want to join one of our weekends then please contact the us and we can discuss the case individually. The costs of the weekends are E30,- for Mensa members and E40,- for non-members.

For more information, please contact us at jongerenweekends(at)